JKD Concepts


Become a well rounded fighter utilising your skills in kickboxing, trapping, grappling and weapons.

JKD Concepts

What is it?

JKD Concepts is not a style, but rather a philosophical approach to developing a personal expression of fighting. Evolved from Bruce Lee’s martial art of Jeet Kune Do, it utilises Kickboxing, Trapping, Grappling and Weapons to create a well rounded martial artist. Just as Lee researched different fighting arts to develop his method, we train in not only JKD principles but also the Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai, submission wrestling and BJJ. Emphasis is placed on an individuals attributes and functional working knowledge of the techniques. Our weapons training can improve cognitive brain function and develop bi manual coordination and faster reflexes. Stick and knife skill can be a great equalizer against not only armed attackers but size and strength or against multiple attackers.

Who’s it for?

Anyone of any age who believes they can benefit from self-defense techniques against knives, machetes and other more improvised weapons will gain from this highly specialized ICC program.

Why JKD?

Like all ICC styles and skills, weapons training will get you fit, and assists in building confidence and self-discipline. As a weapons-based art it will also improve bi-manual coordination, timing and cognitive function.

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